TSVV Merlijn 1 – GVV’63 1

TSVV Merlijn made clearly name for itself after the promotion. Since the start of this season we had a lot of fresh faces trying to get a piece of the pie that are the rising shares of TSVV Merlijn. Most of the training sessions were so well visited that claustrophobic people were not comfortable on the pitch.

An impression of what the pitch looked like during training

Not only among the players we had a lot of new faces, our coaching staff has changed as well. Regi ‘de Jeep’ Essed took a step down to trainer only (even if we still see him just as often as before) and Joop Verzijl took over. I could announce him as a fresh face before the group, but I just keep it at a new face.

Speaking of new faces. Thanks to the promotion we will see a lot of new faces with our opponents. Luckily for me, because last year I got some uncomfortable remarks about me still not having my diploma. (Thanks goalkeeper of Allliance).

At least I discovered the board of Merlijn tries to do there best to make the opponents know beforehand where ‘the good stuff’ is by sending them a route description to the clubhouse:

This immediately brings the following picture into my head.

So if your thirsty, bring your hiking boots.

Rumours have it that thanks to the promotion of the first team, Merlijn and the Sportcenter are developing plans to make our Accommodation more 3rdclass proof. Out of some sketchy sources I received some blueprints of what the new accommodation should look like, but they said they still need to find some investors for them. Most important reasons for starting this project was that supporters could stay dry during the match when it would rain.

The leaked blueprints

For today’s opponent GVV’63 these plans came too late, so they had to make do with a 4rd class accommodation. GVV’63 lies in Gameren. Searching for interesting thinks in Gameren Wikipedia describes it as a standard Dutch small village, with main attractions are the Churches and the farms. Digging a bit deeper a see that themunicipality of Gameren (Zaltbommel) really cares about the village. The showed this by buying the house of ‘the Terror neighbour’ so he wouldn’t be able to return to Gameren after his detention. Imagine if Tilburg would do that. How much money would the have to spend to accomplish this.

For the match. First half started good we created a few big chances, but no one was brave enough to make the first goal of the league jet. GVV showed to have a dangerous front line and were the first big chance was saved by the newly declared God Christiaan ‘Christ’ Fehlhaber and a few threatening moments before our goal missed precision, there second big chance was in, 0-1. This goal changed the match and Merlijn was loosing grip on the match, but nothing really happed after this so with a 0-1 result we went to the tea, ow wait lemonade.

The wise words in the break were not having the hoped results, because quickly after the break GVV doubled their margin, 0-2. Quickly afterward Lars got it in, hopefully he could say the same about his Colombian spark soon, but anyway hope was back. Another quick goal on the other side made the margin 2 again. Thinks were looking bad, GVV had control over the match, but 20 minutes before the end Merlijn  was rising up again and showed their worth again. A well set up attack concluded in the 2-3. A half cleared ball was slammed in the net by Ties, who immediately experienced his body didn’t agree about the flexibility he showed during the shot. Merlijn was on par again, it seemed this would be the end result, but Tom thought otherwise. With his trademark, no Cain I’m not talking about fat chicks, he slammed the ball beautifully into the upper corner from a free kick, 4-3. Leading to a great start of the season.

Next opponent will be Sparta 30. Hopefully we can get the flow going in Andel.