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About the association

T.S.V.V. Merlijn is Tilburg’s student football club. All members of the club are students or graduates from Tilburg University or one of the Higher Vocational Education schools in Tilburg and surroundings. In association with the Sports Centre of Tilburg University we offer football practices given by licensed trainers. Furthermore we participate in the competitions of the KNVB, the Dutch football association. At this moment we have four men’s teams playing on Saturdays and three men’s teams and a women’s team playing on Sundays. The teams all play at different levels. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or experienced player, you can always join a team playing at the level that corresponds to your skills.
Besides outdoor football we also offer indoor football. The indoor teams are normally playing on Fridays.

Besides the practices and matches a lot of activities are organised during the year. One of the most famous is the “Harkfestijn”, the biggest beer race in Tilburg. Furthermore the activities commission organizes a weekend for all club members, an open indoor tournament in winter, dinners for club members, a big theme party and lots of other activities.

As a member of T.S.V.V. Merlijn you also receive the Merlijn discount pass which give you discount at some of our sponsors, including our sponsoring bar "Cafe Brandpunt".

More information about T.S.V.V. Merlijn can be found below. If you have got a specific question about Merlijn you can send an email to

> History

TSVV Merlijn: Glorious history and a fertile future…!?

The name of Merlijn is derived from the wise man Merlijn, adviser of King Arthur in “King Arthur and the knights of the round table”. With this name we associate ourselves with the founders of football: the Englishmen. Merlijn also stands for the wisdom, braveness and proud the advisor of king Arthur was famous for.
TSVV Merlijn was founded on may 13, 1968 by Berry de Beer, among others. More than 10 years later, on the 10th of August 1979 to be exactly, TSVV Merlijn was registered by a notary and the regulations became official. At the same day TSVV Merlijn was registered at the Dutch “Chamber of Commerce”.
A couple of years TSVV Merlijn was represented by 3 and later by 4 teams in the different leagues of the Dutch football association, the KNVB. But at the end of the eighties the number of members started to decline. In 1996 the interest in playing for TSVV Merlijn under Tilburg’s students was descended to a distressing level and the TSVV Merlijn was made a “sleeping club”.
However, two years later a number of football players that were already practicing at the sport centre came up with the idea to start a football club for students. They participated with a team in the European Championship Football for Students and they liked to play more often with each other, in a club context. So in the summer of 1999 they decided to bring TSVV Merlijn back alive. In November 1999, a six-headed board was installed that dedicated itself to the re-establishment of TSVV Merlijn in spring 2000.

Since TSVV Merlijn started with one team playing on Sundays in the season 2000/2001 the club has grown every year. At his moment TSVV Merlijn counts 9 teams: 2 men and 2 women teams playing on Sundays and 5 men teams playing on Saturdays. Furthermore there are 3 indoor playing men teams that play their matches on weekdays.


> Sportpark Merlinello

Our outdoor practices and home matches take place at Sportpark Merlinello.

Sportpark Merlinello
Goirkekanaaldijk 175
5049 BT Tilburg

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> Sport Centre Tilburg University

Our indoor practices and home matches take place at the Sports Centre of Tilburg University.

Sport Centre Tilburg University
Acadamielaan 5
5037 ET Tilburg

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