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Since the beginning of this century TSVV Merlijn has his own merchandise. It is possible to have your own Merlijn sweater, T-shirt or scarf.

Merlijn T-shirt
The newest merchandise product is the TSVV Merlijn T-shirt. A fine quality shirt with an alternative logo on the back. The shirt will cost €17,50 and is available in the sizes M, L & XL

Merlijn scarf
Always necessary with the cold temperature in Holland. The scarf is made at the same company where big clubs as Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV make their merchandise.
For €11,00 this high quality scarf is yours.

Merlijn sweater
The most famous and most wanted TSVV Merlijn article in this category. The Merlijn hooded sweater is available with a logo on the front and TSVV Merlijn on the back.
This sweater is a must have for every exchange student in Tilburg, and costs €25,00. The black sweater is available in the sizes S, M, L and XL.

Merlijn Towel
Nice to give or get, the TSVV Merlijn towel. This black towel has the original TSVV Merlijn logo on both sides. For €13,00 you’re the big star in every dressing room.

Merlijn Lighter
Always there when you need it. For just 1 euro you are the owner of the official Merlijn lighter.

Do you want to buy one of the official TSVV Merlijn merchandise products, send an e-mail to penning@tsvvmerlijn with the wanted product, size and number of products. And you will be the proud owner of a Merlijn sweater, lighter or towel.


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