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Below you will find regulations of TSVV Merlijn. Besides these regulations, every member of Merlijn needs to be informed and conformant to the rules of the sports centre of Tilburg University, the rules of the KNVB (National Soccer Association) and, possibly, a team code.

The membership of TSVV Merlijn is applicable to people who have signed and handed in a memberships form. Every membership of TSVV Merlijn will be extended automatically until resignation. Resignation can only occur via e-mail or via a letter (see address information below) and needs to be received before the 31st of May. Resignation for training members needs to occur before the 31st of July, also via e-mail or letter. If you want to change your membership, a new memberships form needs to be filled in (see website for memberships forms). The board has the right to end any membership at all times.

2. Pinchhitter
A pinchhitter will remain pinchhitter as described on the website, if the member played at most 5 competition matches for TSVV Merlijn. If the member played 6 competition matches, that member will become a ”half-year member” automatically. Generally, pinchhitters do not play in the first teams of TSVV Merlijn.

3. “Half-year member”
A “half-year member” will remain a “half-year member” as described on the website if the member played at most 11 competition matches for TSVV Merlijn. If the member played 12 competition matches, that member will become a full competition member automatically. This rule can only be deviated from if that member played all its matches in only one competition half.

4. Payment of membership fee
The payment of the membership fee of TSVV Merlijn occurs yearly during the end of September automatically from your bank account. If this does not work, a second attempt will take place at the end of October. If this time, the membership fee cannot be claimed, that person will be informed and instructed to pay. If this does not occur within 2 weeks, he or she will be disclosed from competition matches until the membership fee is paid.

Competition Matches
1.Player’s committee
Every team has a player’s committee which exists out of two players, one of them preferably being the team captain. The player’s committee is the mouthpiece of the team and towards other official body’s within the society. Every team within TSVV Merlijn are obliged to execute a certain deal of tasks like washing and performing as a (assistant) referee. The player’s committee will make sure these tasks are executed.

2. Materials
At the begin of the competition every team receives materials from TSVV Merlijn. If these materials or lost, the team itself is responsible and will have to pay for this. The team is defined as the players that form the team at that particular time. If materials are damaged these should be handed in to the Competition Manager. The club will take care of direct replacement, unless the damage occurred on purpose. At the end of the competition the materials will need to be handed in again to the Competition Manager. If materials of TSVV Merlijn are stolen, the board will take action as can be seen in the ?.
The materials are 5 balls, 1 ball net, a team bag with jerseys, shorts and socks, 1 bag with 3 water bottles and a sponge. For the first teams, also a suitcase with sport care materials is included.

3. Cards
Yellow or red cards will have to be paid by the players themselves.

4. Gathering for competition matches
For home and away matches players will gather at the accommodation of TSVV Merlijn located at the Goirkekanaaldijk 175, unless a coach or a team leader decides otherwise.

5. Team selection
The team selection will be announced, by the coach or team leader, after the final training session before the match. The team selection can also be found on the website of TSVV Merlijn.

6. Travelling
Every team is obliged to arrange travelling to away competition matches. For away matches outside Tilburg a travel declaration can be claimed with a maximum of 5 cars per team. The travel declaration will be paid every half year.

Note: The board of TSVV Merlijn will, if considered necessary, propose a change to these regulations. After approval through a general member meeting a change will be executed. If this document does not cover a certain matter, a direct decision can be made by the board.


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