In cooperation with Jartazi Sportswear, Merlijn presents you the official Merlijn merchandise. Since this year Jartazi is official sponsor of our club and has already provided our first teams of a new game kit. Now we also like to offer our members the opportunity to order their own trainingsshirts, shorts, socks, sweaters or bags. Always wanted to have matching outfits with your team during practices or before the match? This is your chance now! All the sweaters, hoodies, shirts and bags are printed with the Merlijn logo.

Through the following link you can find our Merlijn Qlub Webshop:

The (candidate) board already has some first editions. If you would like to know which size fits you best, feel free to contact them!

Please note: if you would like to order a new short, the training and leisure shorts are quite tight, so we would recommend you to order the sportshort.