T.S.V.V. Merlijn

Of course, soccer, fun and beer are inseparable. At T.S.V.V. Merlijn we add a bit student life on top of that as well! Whether you want to play in a competitive setting or only join the practices: T.S.V.V. Merlijn offers a suitable soccer level for everyone. In addition, you can become active in various committees, participate in le-gen-da-ry events and experience the always fantastic third half after trainings and matches. It is all possible at the one and only Student Soccer Association of Tilburg!

Why T.S.V.V. Merlijn?

Throughout the year, T.S.V.V. Merlijn organises several major activities such as the 5-week lasting Tilburg Student Summer Night Soccer (TSZV) and the Tilburg Open Futsal Tournament (TOFT). In addition, T.S.V.V. Merlijn organizes some smaller activities as well, such as the Beercantus and the Merlijn Beergames. We make sure you will never miss us off the field!


With currently 2 Futsal Teams, 5 Saturday Men's teams, 2 Sunday Men's teams and 2 Women's teams, there is a suitable team for everyone! All teams train once or twice a week. Do you want to train more or less? Not a problem at all! We have 2 goalkeeper training sessions, 7 men's training sessions and 3 ladies training sessions every week. Because of this you can easily combine the trainings with your busy student schedule!

Meeting Fellow Students

At T.S.V.V. Merlijn you are never alone, everyone is free to grab a beer in the Sports Café after training or matches. Do you feel like going out after this, just like us? Our active members ensure that you can discover the most beautiful places in Tilburg's nightlife. So come and taste the atmosphere at T.S.V.V. Merlijn!

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